What is a "matic?" By dictionary description, the word doesn't exist. But "automatic" does, and by that description we see that its derived of "a device or process working by itself with little or no direct human control." Well that doesn't exactly fit the attitude. In fact there is as much human control and deliberation as there is intuition when designing

"(Of a firearm) self-loading and able to fire continuously until the trigger is released."If one of the definitions of Automatic is referred to in firearm terms and Matic is at the latter part of the word than the latter part of the firearm surely must be the trigger. (Excluding the gun stock of course) Trigger- "a device that activates or releases or causes something to happen." That seems like a much more suitable way to describe what drives our process, even if we took some wild liberties coming up with this.

But, wait! Upon further investigation, we see that "matic," not to be confused with "matico," a shrubby tropical wild American pepper, goes back to the Greek word "matos," meaning "willing." Matic wants to work with you.


Mark Pernice / Matic is a graphic design and illustration studio in Brooklyn, New York.

A New York native and School of Visual Arts alum, he advanced from early work in movie poster design to designing for a variety of clients and industries as a now-longtime graphic designer and illustrator. Clients include, The New York Times, Bloomberg View, Urban Outfitters, Pentagram Inc., The Urban Green Council,Virgin Mobile,, The Boston Globe, Universal Music Group and The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Pernice also spent part of 2008 working under world renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and Paula Scher in 2010 working on Jon Stewart's "Earth The Book."

Some recognitions two 2011 FPO Awards, Make Magazine 10 Best of 2010, HOW Magazine Outstanding Achievement award, 2009 AIGA PDA award and a Print Magazine Regional Design Annual award. Recently Pernice's "Photo Booth Mask" project has gained viral attention with over 1.5 million image hits in the projects first 3 months garnering press in Wired, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Gizmodo, DesignBoom, Booooooom, Glamcult, Buzzfeed and It's Nice That to name a few.