Sagmeister Darwin Chair------------------------------------------------------/

Creative Director: Stefan Sagmeister
Chair Design: Stefan Sagmeister
Art Director: Stefan Sagmeister, Joe Shouldice
Design of 5 Sections listed below: Mark Pernice

I was commissioned to contribute 46 page designs / 5 sections for Stefan's Darwin Chair. Mine were, Dinosaur age, Meteorite, Industrial revolution, Nuclear era, and the Future. I had to wait awhile to post this. I hope it's ok now.

About the chair -"The Darwin Chair is a custom-designed, free-swinging, stainless steel structure featuring 230 sheets of printed HP Media as its "cushion." If a user wishes to change the chair's design, they simply remove the top sheet from the chair to reveal a new pattern. As more and more sheets are torn off, the perforation forms a comfortable headrest.
All of the sheets are printed with intricate patterns representing the creation of the universe and making their way through the creation of the world, the beginning of plant, animal and human life all the way to the digital revolution." - HP