Urban Green Council EBIE Awards----------------------------------------------/

Client: USGC Urban Green Council
Art Direction: Mark Pernice
Identity Design: Mark Pernice, Wing Chui, Stephanie Miller
Award Design: Zhang Qingyun, Mark Pernice
Production Direction: Vim & Vigor Inc.
Fabrication: Dave Marin

As Part of the Urban Green Council's EBIE Awards Identity we were thrilled to be asked to design the award. We wanted something beautiful in its simplicity, something familiar but progressive, of the earth but ethereal, organic in material but not in aesthetic. The cube represents many of this with significant meaning to the human psyche as well as to architects and artists. The award design is about how different people approach similar challenges with totally different solutions. All the awards have the exact same construction, but positioned differently they appear distinct from each other. We looked to bioresin for its affordability, soft smoky aesthetic, and unique material. Each year we'll be changing the color and design slightly to create a series-reinforcing the message of sustainable design for years to come.


Render for prototype

EBIE Award Design from Mark Pernice on Vimeo.