The New York Times Sunday Review "Where Did Global Warming Go"---------------/

Client: The New York Times
Sunday Review Cover
Art Direction: Aviva Michaelov, Mark Pernice
Design (Global warming section): Mark Pernice
Illustration: Mark Pernice, Scott Altmann

Honored to create the cover for the Sunday Review (in one day,) I came up with the idea of an upside down image of the iceberg with 90% of it being known to be underwater and out of sight. The iceberg is one of a few iconic poster children for the Global Warming cause and by flipping creates a beautiful but disorientating feel harking to the United States current state of mind on the subject.

Knowing I wanted it to be painterly and with time not considerably on our side and Corel Painter not in my arsenal, I sketched a rough from photos and enlisted the help of longtime friend and fellow illustrator Scott Altmann (check out his work) to add the real meat. We collaborate often, but mostly in the realm of music. I was honored to have a hand in the layout as well and we decided the text should flow onto the iceberg itself. This resulted in having two versions with slightly different colors. The result below.


Darker and more saturated image used for web.


Rightside up.