Print "The Push To Sell Uniform Ads"-----------------------------------------/

Client: Print Magazine
Art Direction: Ben King, Mark Pernice
Design: Mark Pernice, Deniz Ayaz, Zhang Qinyun

Three Full page illustrations on the new push to sell advertising on sports uniforms. Accompanying blurbs (in blue) contributed by Mark Pernice predicts the future of sporting attire.

What will happen if US sports teams starting allowing jersey ads?
Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci
will jump at the opportunity to design basketball uniforms. Team colors will be replaced by brand colors, and logos will be removed in favor of the designer's signature patterns. Swag bags will be handed out to courtside seats.


US franchises will take a page from Korean Professional Baseball, where teams are owned by large corporations and pay homage to the fact in their names-the Samsung Lions, the Lotte Giants. To minimize clutter and maximize loyalty, corporate sponsors will merge their branding with the logos of the teams they sponsor. Hitters may be asked to gain belly weight to maximize uniform canvas area.


Football uniforms will be revamped to incorporate wearable sandwich boards.
Quaterbacks will be required to wear an accompanying headpiece for added advertising exposure and "wow factor." Branded napkins will be used as penalty flags.